About us

Have you ever felt that many anime T-shirts available are "too loud" for your tastes? Would you wear a full-body print anime T-shirt of your favourite character? If you are looking for modern and fashionable anime T-shirts that you would love wearing on a day out, ShoukoChan's the right place!

How it started

The project originally started when I was looking for a Date-a-Live T-shirt back in February 2013. Some designs are available, but many screams too much anime for me to comfortably wear it on a day out. Hence we created our own design and had it printed.

After wearing it, a few people asked where I got it from and started asking if I have T-shirts on other animes as well. This sparked the idea to start ShoukoChan, with the focus on fashionable Anime T-shirt designs, that you would be comfortable with wearing on a day out.

Our T-shirts

As we were starting ShoukoChan, we began diving into the details, one of them was T-shirt quality. The goal is clear, to provide you awesome anime fashion that will be loved and worn for a long time.

After dozens of sample shirts, we went with 100% premium ring spun cotton, a durable, smooth and soft fabric. Our prints are made with the latest water-based DTG printing technology which feels as though the print is completely ingrained in the shirt. This allows us to produce intricate details, complex color gradients and vibrant full colors on a T-shirt.

ShoukoChan at events!

Launch Date

ShoukoChan soft launched in July 2013, and officially debuted at Anime Festival Asia Singapore from 8th to 10th November. 


Anime Dakimakuras at ShoukoSS

In late 2014, a new dakimakura shop was launched, bringing you a handpicked selection of the most enticing dakimakuras available. Check out our new shop too! ^__^